House Painting Olympia

Your home deserves to look its best, and what better way than a new paint job?

We have an extensive amount of residential / house painting in Olympia experience, and no matter how big or small the project is, J. Linder will be glad to complete the project for you with nothing but the highest quality.

Not only does paint work to make houses look nice with great street appeal, paint is the most important ingredient on your house that protects from the weather conditions. Decorating your house with the colors you’ve always wanted is only a phone call away. The following are only some of the services we provide:

Interior doors can be painted or stained. Doors can have the tendency to get scuff marks on them. The correct prep work and a new coat of paint will help your door last a long time.
Most of the millwork is completed during the new construction phase, but we can paint or stain floor molding, chair rails, crown molding, and so on to make your interior look great.
Sometimes all cabinets need is a coat of paint to make them look fresh and beautiful. Click here to find out more.
Many times, all that interior walls need is a fresh coat of paint. Although, sometimes there are more steps that are required to give your walls the uniform look that they are suppose to have.
Many customers only repaint their walls, but a freshly painted ceiling can really open up a room and give it the image of looking bigger.
Garage Floors
There are several different products that can be utilized on concrete floors. Painted and sealed garage floors look really great, and the look can be astonishing.
In the great Northwest the paint on the siding helps protect your investment from all the weather conditions.
A lot of brick in this area have no coatings to protect the brick. Clear coatings work well because it protects the brick along with the brick still having its natural look. Brick can also be painted, it all depends on what you think is the best.
Cleaning & Pressure Washing
The quality of the paint or the remaining portions of the prep work are pointless without a clean surface to work with. The cleaning solution will kill the mildew and get rid of all the dirt. Pressure washing is nothing more than giving your house a bath before putting its new clothes on (fresh coat of paint).
The best news about decks is that nothing can beat a newly stained deck and the satisfaction it provides on a sunny day. Unfortunately, decks should be stained in the Northwest about every 3-5 years.
This is a unique feature on the house, and many porches have different architecture where the painting can really make the porch look fantastic.
We thoroughly enjoy painting exterior doors to help them stand out. The use of a specialty product creates a really nice finish to give your house that last final touch to make it shine. We can also paint doors with a regular paint or even stain and clear coat them if you choose.
Much like decks, fences look great when they have a coat of stain on them. Fences should last a little longer than decks because they are vertical, but they still need a coat of stain about every 5-7 years.

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