Painting Services Olympia Residents Can Count On

painting services Olympia
At J. Linder Painting, we’re Olympia’s number one choice for painting services for residential and commercial buildings. Our multifaceted general contractor business specializes in all sizes of painting projects.

As a general contractor based in the South Sound, we’re very familiar with the wear and tear heavy rains can do to a home’s or business’ exterior. That’s why we select only top quality paint crafted to last the numerous days of Pacific Northwest rain each year.

Exterior Painting

For houses and commercial buildings with weather-worn exteriors, a fresh coat of paint does wonders to the curb appeal of a home or business. Our exterior painting jobs go beyond a fresh layer of eye-popping paint.

Pressure Washing and Preparation

An integral part of exterior painting requires preparing the siding of your house or commercial building. That’s why for every exterior painting service, we make sure to chip off old paint, remove grime from the siding, and apply a full layer of primer. We also provide our own pressure washing service to clear off any dirt, debris, moss, or other growths on the side of your residence or building.

Interior Painting

While small-scale DIY interior painting projects can be fun, it’s best to leave painting your interior to the professionals. After all, painting can be fraught with mistakes and mishaps, like spilled paint, thin coats, or uneven application. If it’s done by someone inexperienced like our professionals at J Linder, it shows.

At J. Linder Painting, we guarantee a spotless and precise job done to our high standards and your satisfaction.

Call Us Today for Painting and General Contractor Services

DIY painting projects can not only be time consuming. They can also be expensive and full of risk. And an unprofessional paint job–with droplets, poorly caulked and sanded drywall, or other telltale signs–contrasts unpleasantly. A professionally painted exterior and interior should appear seamless, precise, and clean.

That’s where J Linder Painting comes in. Since 1992, we’ve been around as a locally owned and locally operated general contractor service. We take great pride in a job well done.


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