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Hardwood is a beautiful investment for your home. However, once they start to get affected by the sun, dirt, high heels, pet nails, and all other manner of things that scratch and dent the flooring, they begin to lose their value. Keep your floors looking pristine by calling J Linder Painting for your hardwood floor refinishing. We are more than just painters! Our team can refinish your hardwood floors, pressure wash your deck, and execute a beautiful home remodel!

A lot goes into floor restoration and it has to be done right. Our refinishers have the experience and knowhow to strip, sand, and refinish your hardwood floors. We are familiar with the different types of wood and able to care for each specific need that goes along with that type of flooring.

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Our state of the art equipment vacuums away the dust as we sand, so there is no mess or fine particles left behind when the job is done. All our stains and finishing is of the highest quality to safeguard your floors from UV rays and other potential damage.


Is refinishing just like paint for wood?

Some contractors may only do one thing, but we go above and beyond for our customers. While we work to refinish your wood floors we stabilize any loose boards and ensure that all nails and edges are flush and secure. We perform buffing throughout the process to maximize your hardwood floor’s shine and the quality of appearance.

When you call J Linder Painting for your hardwood floor refinishing you will be happy with a surface that shines like new and has been refreshed in its strength and durability. When you need full hardwood floor restoration we can remove all the scratching and scrapes, sand down any major dents, and even out any warped or loose areas. In both cases, your hardwood floor will look like it is a new floor that has just been installed.

We’re painters too! We can do much more than make your floors look great. We can paint the cabinets or recolor the walls while we’re at it too. And we can do commercial painting for your business too!

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As a locally owned, family operated business, we care about our customers. All our contractors work diligently with an eye toward detail and perfection. We guarantee all our work and have years-worth of happy customer testimonials and high ratings under our belt. Give us a call today!

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