About Us

J. Linder Painting, also known as Linder Painting, has been a family owned business since 1992. Jim Linder, the owner, had a passion for painting as a young child. One day, when he was older, he thought he should pursue a career that he thoroughly enjoyed. As Jim began the business, he relied solely on referrals and word of mouth for advertising. He received many projects due to his compassion, knowledge, experience, fairness, and integrity that he had and continues to gain. Currently, Jim and his son John, are working together to continue the family business.

J. Linder Painting has been painting on Ft. Lewis and McChord Air Force Base, now known as Joint Base Lewis McChord, since 2002. Since being in business, there have been thousands of projects that have been completed, and we are looking forward to completing thousands more.

J Linder Painting



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